Monday, September 26, 2016

Rajma Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu/Kidney Beans Dry Turkey Berries Gravy

Usually Vatha kuzhambu/Vathal Kuzhambu is prepared simply with dried berries or else with sun dried vegetables. My today's recipe goes for a fingerlicking tangy gravy with kidney beans aka Rajma.Adding rajma makes this gravy more delicious and definitely nutritious. Dried turkeyberries have many health benefits, especially its advised to take often in our diet . Since this turkey berries have bitter taste, most of the time none at home like to have anything cooked with this berries. However i found out a better way to sneak this vegetable and its works awesome. If i prepare sundakka vatha kuzhambu, once the gravy gets finished, i mix immediately the cooked rice to the gravy drizzled with ghee or gingelly oil,and keep aside atleast for an hour before serving.This method works and my kids just love this vatha kuzhambu rice when served along with papads,fryums or else with boiled eggs.

Rajma Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu,Kidney beans Tamarind Gravy

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Homemade Crumpets/Crumpets

A crumpet is a griddle cake and these cakes makes an excellent breakfast or snacks depends upon how its served. This English crumpets are generally round in shaped and their shape is obtained by pouring the yeasted batter by a shallow ring in a pan/griddle. This cakes have their characteristic flat top with many small pores, with a chewy and spongy texture. They are cooked in simmer and served immediately to serve warm. These cakes can be cooked slightly undercooked and toasted later to enjoy for breakfast. Often served with butter, you can enjoy thoroughly this spongy crumpets with jam, honey, spread like nutella, caramel etc.English muffins and Crumpets are two different griddle cakes, though they are both round with spongy texture. However crumpets are served whole with butter and jam while English muffins are splited before serving.

Homemade Crumpets,English Crumpets

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Halabessa/Halabisa/Egyptian Chickpeas Spicy Soup

Halabessa/Halabisa is a well known Egyptian Chickpeas soup which calls for chickpeas with some simple ingredients. This soup is served with lemon, mostly hot during winter as this soup is very warming,wholesome, nutritious, hearty and comforting while the weather is down. People call this soup as snack soup, since this soup is a savoury drink which is served in glass cup with a spoon and lemon wedge. Actually Egyptian drink this soup and enjoy eating the cooked chickpeas with the spoon given along with the soup. Actually every food stall in Egypt sells this mildly spicy Halabisa during winter as a street food and this soup is also quite popular in Gulf countries especially in Iraq but Iraqian version of this chickpeas soup is cooked without tomatoes. Yes Egyptian version calls for some tomato pieces and tomato paste which gives a pleasant colour to this simple soup.

Egyptian Chickpeas Soup, Halabessa

Friday, September 23, 2016

Chickpeas Shami Kebab/Vegetarian Channa Shaami Kebab

Shami Kebab or Shaami Kebab is quite a popular kebab variety which is mostly prepared with minced or ground meat though vegetarian versions with potato or paneer is quite popular as well.Shami kebab is eaten as snack or an appetizer. They are served along with sheer kurma during Eid celebrations.Do you know shaami kebabs may be served with roti along with ketchup, raita or chutney. Though most of us love shami kebab prepared with meats, not to forget that many vegetarian and vegan version do exists. And my today's post is a fantastic, dangerously addictive, vegan shami kebab with chickpeas as main ingredient. Prepared with variety of spices, this incredible vegan shami kebab makes an excellent evening snack to enjoy with your favourite sauce.

Vegetarian Shami kebab,Chickpeas shami kebab